Occasionally, I was asked a question as follows by Japanese guests of U Cafe. I have something to do here & I love to do it, it is my reply. Somehow it seems that my reply makes them being confused.

 So I explain the reason simply & request you to understand my thoughts.

 As you know, in the developing countries a lot of children are out of an opportunity to study, in Vietnam also. For solving this big problem, subsidiary projects have been stirring on in the land. I pay my deep respect for their enthusiastic effort & the great results made by them for this issue.

 I know that Vietnamese need to be supported from the outside for the time being. But they’re deucedly clever to solve their problems by themselves. Thus I offered them a small café as a space for the project. The construction of it has finished. Making a good profit from the café, the project will be able to support underprivileged children by it independently. It’s laid on the preparation work of the café bussiness.

 And now for the café, I’m looking for Vietnamese successors & who is interested in this café project.

 Vietnamese, please stand on your own feet & give your hands to underprivileged children. Also I request my friends to give me your opinion about my thought.

 I’m sure there’s no problem which won’t be solved.

Thank you for your kind attention!

Tết, the New Year’s Day according on the lunar Calendar, will come shortly.

I wish your New Year will be filled with happiness!