Various people cycle by the cafe – commuters, snapshooters, eco-tourists, sweetcorn and dumplings vendors, and an occasional language student on a trans-Vietnamese bike ride. Bicycles are popular in Hoi An, and people collecting plastic bottles, cans and cardboard boxes for recycling also make brief stopovers outside.

It was at 14:40, around 35°C, when a recyclist passing by asked if there were plastic bottles in the cafe. It had been a while since the last collection and she paid us many Đồng with numerous zeros (Đ10000 is around $0.5 or €0.4). They never collect glass bottles but I don’t know why.

Soy milk vendors reuse plastic bottles, and in restaurants, mineral water bottles are filled up with distilled rice wine, which is again consumed like water. So what happens at the Hoi An landfill? It may not be on any of the tourist maps, but it’s probably a place I should to visit.