At U Cafe Hoi An we use bio-filtering system for our water disposal. All of our water output is purified through the filtering tank (which has 28000 empty Yakult bottles inside to breed bacteria), fed into the lotus and goldfish ponds on the ground, first and second floors of the Cafe, and flows into the river Hoai.

With no public sewer system and Unesco World Heritage related restrictions, the old Hoi An centre sees little alternative to water disposal, pouring polluted water straight into the river. In return for preservation of the ancient houses and townscapes, residents struggle to renew or implement individual sewer system without changing the structure of their houses.

We measure water quality of our ponds and the river Hoai to monitor and see how much more we can do. There are other projects that tackle the water pollution issues too. These are our first small steps and paddles to clean the water in Hoi An.